September 2014

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Did you know. . . .

Atrial fibrillation affects over 2.2 million Americans and is expected to double by 2050.  While the incidence of atrial fib is higher among men, women with the condition are higher risk of stroke.  

The National Guideline Clearinghouse offers a number of recently updated recommendations related to assessment, diagnosis, management, and evaluation of patients with atrial fib.  Visit the site to learn more.

The Heart Rhythm Society offers a nice variety of resources on atrial fib, including downloadable patient education sheets, a tablet "Sketcher" resource, and an online video widget to help you educate patients, located here.  Check these resources out!


Did you know. . .

 Prostate cancer is the most common form of  malignancy in men, excluding skin cancers. There continues to be some controversy regarding which men should be screened for prostate cancer.  The National Guideline Clearinghouse provides a synthesis of existing recommendations. This document can be accessed here.

University of Texas Health Sciences Center San Antonio (UTHSCSA) created the Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial (PCPT) Prostate Cancer Risk Calculator (PCPTRC) in 2006.  This tool was recently updated, with v2 released in August 2014.  The risk calculator can be accessed here.


Remember to assess your patient's immunization status.

 Vaccinations provide the most effective way to avoid pneumonia.  INPE's current grassroots lecture series includes a highly rated program on adolescent immunizations.  When asked what additional programming they would like, our attendees often suggest an update on adult immunizations and share their confusion over recommendations related to adults.

Familiarize with the current recommendations for adults, including appropriate use of 13-valent and/or 23-valent pneumonia vaccines to prevent pneumonia.  Know your patients' individual needs.

Excellent sources for details can be found on the CDC site pneumonia content and the specific ACIP section.


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The site provides links to our popular NRCME Training Course for those who need to qualify for the NRCME national examination to conduct CMV physicals in their practices.  The online CE Center contains a number of unique CE programs, most offering pharmacology credit. also hosts practice and patient resources, including a diabetes resource kit, patient brochure on COPD exacerbations, and material designed to prompt your patients to ask questions about their health and treatment.  While these resources can be downloaded, we will send you a "starter kit" on request.

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